1. How does the rate structure work?

Our rates are dependent on the project, amount of songs, type of music and timeline. For more info on the rate structure, please contact us.

2. How do I send my demo to Bellville Studios?

Please only send links (Yousendit, Filegooi, Wetransfer, dropbox, soundcloud).

DO NOT send MP3’s or WAV’s via email.

3. How do I get to record at Bellville Studios?

You can submit links to your demo via the contact form. On receipt of your demo, Bellville Studios will revert back via email within 14 days. All submissions will receive a carefully considered reply.  The deciding factor is mostly whether it is a viable project for Bellville Studios and whether the Studio can incorporate it into its current time schedule.

Bookings normally run a minimum of 6 months in advance, so it is important to contact the Studio with an adequate lead time.

4. Can I record a demo at Bellville Studios?

Bellville Studios does not record demos. This is relevant to point 5.

5. Do you sign artists or have a label?

Bellville Studios is not a recording label and therefore does not sign artists to recording contracts or agreements. For more information on the Recording Industry of South Africa and a list of record labels per area, visit http://www.risa.org.za or call RISA at (011) 886 1342.

6. Do you record single tracks?

Since the set up for 1 track is as labour intensive and costly as recording multiple tracks, Bellville Studios usually record a minimum of 3 tracks.

7. Does Bellville Studios offer internships or are there job vacancies?

Not at present. If vacancies do exist, a notice will be posted on our site.      

8. How do I find a publisher or more info on the publishing industry?

Visit http://www.samro.org.za for more information or contact SAMRO on (011) 712 8000.

9. Do you supply recording equipment or can we hire the studio?

Bellville Studios does not supply recording equipment and does not rent out the premises.

10. Do you have any contacts at record labels that I could send my demo to?

Bellville Studios are legally restrained from offering any contact information for personnel at record labels and therefore cannot assist. Refer to point 5 for further information.