Please use these guidelines, as they make our job allot easier, and in the end, will make it more cost efficient for you.

1. Theo mixes from Pro Tools HD 24 Bit @ 48K or 96K
Please supply mix as 48K 24bit session or 96K 24 bit session.

2. Its very important that the Pro Tools files are received 7 days prior to the mixing session as we need time to prepare them. If you are late, that will make us late.

3. Please supply track-list and single choice

4. Please include a rough mix in the session and mark “roughmix”

5. Only one session should be sent for each title. It should be labeled as “(Song Title) for BS”. Please do not send any other sessions. Please delete all hidden and unused tracks. This also includes playlists not being used. Please delete them (As they are the nr 1 reason for big sessions).

Here are the instructions: “Save a Session Copy In” checking the “All Audio Files” box to save a new session and audio files. Make sure that you “Delete Unused Regions” from the session first so they don’t take up disk space in the new session. Make sure that you open up this session and that there are no missing audio files Make an extra copy of the exact session for yourself in case. We prefer 48 tracks, but please do not go over 64 tracks/voices. If you have any BV groups, you can bounce them to stereo tracks and pan them hard left and right.

6. Record any effects that you would like us to keep. For example, a guitar going through a simulator plug in, like Guitar Rig, or maybe a vocal effect that you like. Label it then save the original.

7. Remove all plug ins from the session,  as well as all automation.

8. Track Labeling:

Vocals- Lead vocal should be marked as such: “Ld Vox”,

Bass Drum = “kick”

Snare Drum = “Snr”

Hi Hat = “HH”

Tom 1 = “Tom 1”

Tom 2 = “Tom 2”

Floor Tom = “Floor”

Overheads left and right = “OHL and OHR”

Room Microphones left and right = “RoomL and RoomR”

Bass Guitar DI = “BassDI”

Bass Guitar Mic = “BassMic”

Rhythm Guitars Left and Right = “RtmgtrL” and “RtmgtrR” (if you used 2 mics on an amp, please bounce to stereo and pan in middle)

Lead guitars = L GTR ( if more L GTR 2, LGTR3)

Keyboard = Keys 1( if more, then add “keys 2”  etc)

Lead Vocals = “LVox”

Double Vocals = “DblVox”

Backing Vocals = “BV1L” and “BV1R” ( if more, just add BV 2R and BV 2L)

If more than one stereo pair of Room mics, use Room2L and Room2R

Or Mono, just name Room Mono

9. With all instruments, feel free to leave your comments in the comment box below the specified instrument track.


For more info on rates, please contact us


We prefer to use Lurssen Mastering in Los Angeles, USA, for our mastering, since we have developed a very good relationship with them over the years, and quite simply, cause they are the best!